Welcome to Mimakichpis web page.

Welcome to Mimakichpis web page.This site is designed for you, a professional in the field of Digital Printing.Here you can find all you need to open your printer for all kinds of inks and refill systems available on the market.
As we knowThe old Attiny 13 (4 MHZ) processor was abandoned, and a brand new 9.6 MHZ processor is driving the new Generation of Permanent chips!Right now is possible to emulate at 100% the original Dallas DS2430A that runs on the Mimaki Original chip... MORE

The ultimate solution to using third-party inks on Mimaki JV3/JV33/JV5 printers possible!

How it works?

The Permanent chips is made by a powerful microprocessor that simulate the job of one Mimaki Original Id Chip!
It works like the Original Mimaki original chip! He accept Read command, Write commands and he have internal memory! The printer will never Know if he is using a original or a simulated chip!
Every time you power on the printer the internal counter will be set to 9!
If one chip is empty during the printing of a job, you just need to remove and insert again the cartridge and machine will start again at 9! No more recharges or upgrades on the permanent chip will be need in the future.