Our permanent chips are made by a powerful microprocessor that simulate the job of one Mimaki original ID chipúČbut how does a permanent chip work?

It works like the original Mimaki chip! It accepts Read command, Write commands and has internal memory! The printer will never know if it uses a original or a simulated chip! Every time you power on the printer the internal counter will be set to 9!
If one chip is empty during the printing of a job, you just need to remove and insert again,the cartridge and machine will start again at 9! And there is no need to recharge or upgrade on the permanent chip in the future.
Our permanent chip offers you great advantages:
1. No modification to the printer required.
2. The chips will reset every time you restart the printer showing a full cartridge.
3. There is no need to remove the cartridge for refilling.
4. The chips are permanent and unlimited, no changing required.
5. No need for internet connection for chip recharge as some other systems on the market.
6. There are no ink tubes running to your printer and no wires.
7. It significantly reduces your running cost.
8. Simple and painless installation. plug and play.
9. It can always be removed within minutes and switched back to original cartridges.
10. It is up to you to choose the ink.
11. Chips are compatible with all, including latest (7.x) firmwares.
12. It permanently stays on a cartridge completely eliminating the need to change chips and allowing an uninterrupted production. Constant connection to the printer ensures a long life of the chip.